How pissed am I. Wasn’t even awake when this Pottermore shabizz actually opened. Thanks for the forewarning Pottermore, you useless piece of shit. I’ll wait till October because it’s far less hassle.

  1. bookishwitch said: I swear I was two minutes away from giving up and going to sleep, when I just happened to refresh one more time.
  2. hpjkaddict said: Why so much anger? There are still six more days to try and enter. Every day at different time. Besides, the fact that you register during this week, doesn’t guarantee that you’ll actually have an early access. It’s a game of chance.
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    I KNOW. I was awake til about 6 am before I realised refreshing the page a hundred times wouldn’t help me finding the...
  4. londontiss said: I was awake, and I knew the answer, and I was about to submit it. And right then - The power went down! for 2 hours. When I got back registration was already closed :(
  5. unofficiallygroot said: They did say July 31st = awesome…..
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  7. hope-is-restored said: raaaage
  8. stuckiinreverse said: i was awake, and i could get in but i still haven’t recieved my email, and i guess i’m not gonna recieve it :/
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  10. broken-fairy-tale said: You can try again tomorrow, I missed it too
  11. rollinginhelmsdeep said: there are six more chances. the million dont all come from today. You still have a chance!
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