Can we start a ‘we love Alexis’ project to wash away all the pointless hate? Alexis/Molly Quinn never gets enough love in this fandom. (And yes, Alexis is a valuable character to the show and if you think otherwise then you clearly haven’t been watching the show properly)

This fandom lives to annoy me. Leave your Alexis hate at the door. No one wants to hear it. 

You can all whine like little bitches but the fact still remains that Alexis is Rick’s daughter and you can bet your asses on it that she’ll show up in episodes because haha funnily enough Molly Quinn has every right to get some screen time. Alexis isn’t going to disappear and never turn up again because do you know what? That’s bad fucking storytelling. 

What I need in life are more Castle and The Good Wife fans to become best friends with over tumblr and twitter. 

My phone case is a glorious thing #Castle #Caskett #StanaKatic #NathanFillion

My phone case is a glorious thing #Castle #Caskett #StanaKatic #NathanFillion

In regards to Castle Spoilers

Sometimes I really don’t understand this fandom. Spoilers at times can be a really nice and even on the rare occasion a great thing but when it comes to the big episodes. And by big episodes I mean the ones that involve Bracken, 3xk, the wedding, or some other really big important issue/event then just stop. Stop with the spoilers. Sometimes it’s nice -  really, really nice - to have that element of surprise. To be able to sit down and breathe in the show without having any inkling at all of what may happen. One extremely great example of this was The Good Wife because that big event that took place in 5x15 came out of nowhere. No one knew it was going to happen. There were no spoilers. There was no inkling. It just happened. It made the impact and that episode 10x better whilst destroying the fandom in its wake. 

I want to be able to have that for the remainder of the season. To feel surprised. To experience the stories the writers are trying to tell us with a clear mind. I understand everyone may not want that but when it comes to posting these spoilers all over twitter? Can you please have some respect for others? I don’t want to see people obsessively stalking the film sets to watch what is being filmed/taking photos and then reporting every single thing that happened to the internet. And posting spoiler-ish images/set locations with the words ‘spoiler’ in caps on twitter doesn’t work. I repeat: it does not work. Everyone can see that picture. Twitter shows you a good size portion of that picture. I repeat: everyone can see that picture. 

I don’t want to dictate how you watch the show but have some respect and have some common sense. 


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Some people actually want to be surprised when they see the finale. Writing ‘spoiler’ on a tweet and posting a picture through twitter doesn’t fucking work when twitter shows half the image. Have some consideration. Being surprised for an episode can make that episode 10 times fucking better and more emotional (hello, latest episode of The Good Wife). 


I have had SO many spoilers (more through Tumblr than Twitter) for shows because they’ve aired already in America.

Supernatural…The Walking Dead…Castle…

Please, guys. Stop. Some of us don’t get to see them immediately.

ohhh thank you so so so so much!!!! (asked by letitrainasunnyday)

Hi! I just read that you might have Castle 6x14 ... and that you're gonna upload it... Someone mentioned your twitter name on a youtube video and I got to your tumblr. When I saw your tumblr url, I thought, hey! I know that url! hehe, Anyway, I digress. So, if you have it, and are willing to share, that'll be awesome. Thanks! ;) (asked by valsc17)

Heeeey :D It literally just finished uploading. The link is now yours

spoiler post? :)) (asked by Anonymous)

You want spoilers? Okay. Let’s do this…

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So I just finished watching ‘Dressed to Kill

Castle fandom about 'Dressed to Kill'
  • Person: Spoilers will ruin this episode